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Sleeping Beauties I am unable to look at the sleeping young woman. The thought of old age and depression is overcoming. These sleeping beauties… their perfection is too much, their sleeping grace and unimaginable innocence kill me. They bring me as close to death as would a corps. I could lie next to them, feel [...]

SLEEPING BEAUTEES In his « Sleeping Beauties » series, Jean-François Rauzier treats the topic of sleep as a doorway to mystery, dreams, and lyricism. The male character contemplates, on the threshold of his own night, the young sleeping beauty being the symbol of what is lost. Inspired by Kawabata and Balthus, the symbolic universe proposed [...]

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A world beyond limits Jean-Francois Rauzier’s large format photographs transfigure reality. They impose their obsessing frontality and invite the spectator on an unprecedented journey into the visible. Distorting the Euclidian dimension, juxtaposing the whole and the details, they propose a plastic approach that breaks away from the unique point of view of the Renaissance. But [...]

Ever since finishing the Louis Lumière School, Jean-François Rauzier has continued his personal research, even while leading a career in advertising. In 2002, his artistic photography takes an innovative turn when he invents the Hyperphoto. Rauzier creates this concept which from then on defines the work to which he consecrates all his creative efforts. Between [...]

Collection of Hyperphotos by Jean-François Rauzier Immense landscapes teeming with odd details. That’s how you could describe Jean-François Rauzier’s hyperphotos when you first see them. An imaginary world in which the infinitely huge and the infinitely tiny are melded together at the heart of the same vision, in 10-square-metre (or more than 100-square-foot) monumental format. [...]

Jean-Francois Rauzier lives a double life. By day he is a renowned commercial photographer reputed for his work in advertising, and widely praised for his still-lifes, as well as his sculpture, painting and poetry. By night, he haunts less civilized preserves, scavenging urban and abandoned industrial zones for traces of their past. He has the [...]