Cour de Marbre

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  1. Hiyam Naour

    Amusing, provoking, mind-bogging, beautiful, fantastical,architecturally exquisite, challenging,creative,talented,skilful,professional !

    Thank for letting me see this !

  2. Kim Goldberg

    WOW! Incredible!!

  3. Mike Stokes

    I see 3 artifacts in the sky. The firsrt one appears over the middle of 3 chimneys. One is at the 8 o’clock
    position relative to the first, and the third I could only find to the left of the first two in full screen mode,
    over the third chimney of four (starting from the left). This could be the product of the process of stitching
    the images together, or maybe, well, something else.


  4. javier arellano

    son impresionantes estas fotos.. jamas habia visto algo parecido… gracias por todo tu tiempo dedicado a realizarlas… es un privilegio poder ver estas maravillas… felicidades… saludos desde México.

  5. Karen

    This is incredible!!!! Opening this on a large monitor, and zooming it, it was like I could almost open the door!! So great!!!

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  9. Y V Tuli

    wonderful, engaging – wish to see more of such artistic adventure.God bless the initiator.

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