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  1. Megane Roy

    Good evening,
    I visited the art exhibition in West Palm Beach yesterday and I was amazed by your work.
    The first picture in the Urban Art section of your portfolio is my favorite one.
    I would love to know where in the world it was taken though. Thank you so much.

  2. alcure@art-en-direct.fr

    Molitor is located in Paris.
    It’s an old but very famous swimming pool closed since decades.
    But then, street artists have decorated the place and created amazing paintings.
    Regards JFR

  3. David Ghosh

    Dear Master of Photographer. Mr. Jean-Francois Reanzier,
    Thank you and greetings.Your works in camera are incredible and amazing. All are excellent,my best gratitude and love to you for magic of lenses.
    You are following a real Magna Carta.
    Best Regards.
    David Ghosh at davidaghosh@vsnl.net

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